How To Make Sure You Reach Everyone, Everytime!

Can you think of a time when you were conducting a training session or making a presentation and you looked out at your audience and you realized you weren’t reaching everyone, but you knew if you had a different set of strategies for your teaching and presenting you could reach everyone? OR . . .

Can you remember a time when you were sitting in training, a class, or someone else’s presentation and you weren’t “getting it” because of how it was being presented; but you realized that if the information was taught in another way, you would get it?

This site is about a mentoring, coaching and training system based on “multiple intelligences” – a.k.a. The 8 Kinds of Smart. When you apply this system to any mentoring, coaching and training you provide you’ll reach everyone, every time – guaranteed.

You’ll also get an actual transfer of the learning from the training situation business workplace, whether that be a traditional business setting or a home business.. Participants will remember the information you’ve taught or presented for the rest of their lives. They’ll understand it at deep levels of their being. And, they know how to integrate it into their lives.

The site contains articles I’ve written and others that I’ve found on the internet that provide helpful information for our professions as mentors, coaches, and trainers. It also contains videos, training tips and strategies, links to Podcasts, and product previews.

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